Blend of the Month Club

Receive a seasonal blend of organic essential oils that are formulated to support the body's systems in healing.  Mixed with organic jojoba oil so you can apply directly to the skin, each blend is designed with the seasons in mind to support immune, emotional, and hormonal health as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Aromatherapy is a powerful tool, affecting emotions and mood.  Place one or two drops of oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, hold over your nose and take a deep breath in.  The oils will pass through the olefactory nerve to the limbic system which regulates a variety of functions like smell, emotions, behavior, and memory.  

These essential oil blends are also perfect for applying to the skin, wherever you typically apply perfume.  Think lymph nodes.  These pressure points are ideal for your body to absorb the phytonutrients found in these highly concentrated oils.  

*Subscription product only* 

Organic Essential Oil Blends (10ml/.33 fl oz.) Cancel at anytime.  

With the typical cooler weather throughout the winter months comes the yearly influx of clementines, tangerines, oranges, and other citrus fruits from warmer climates around the country.  Why do citrus fruits become ripe in the winter?  Because our bodies need more Vitamin C!  This month our organic essential oil blend is all about citrus.  Grapefruit, Red Mandarin, Bergamot (like a cross between a lime, lemon and orange), Cypress, and Peppermint bring a sweet, herbal and refreshing aroma that is sure to brighten up your year!  Grapefruit is an excellent oil to use during January because it has been known to support healthy metabolism, curb cravings, improve digestion, and support detoxification.  In fact, all citrus oils support detoxification as they are very cleansing to our bodies  and even our homes!  Rub this month's blend on your abdomen when you've got a tummy ache or have indigestion/constipation.  Or simply place a few drops on your palm, rub hands together and take in that uplifting aroma!