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#2: Brushing Your Teeth

 Any dentist will tell you, oral health is a big indicator of overall health.  By simply brushing your teeth everyday (hopefully twice a day), you are removing bacteria, plaque, and toxins from your mouth that could otherwise cause disease.  

Specifically, in a study supported by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, the oral bacterium Fusobacterium nucleatum has been linked to colorectal cancer.  This bacteria has a strong ability to attach to the plaque in your mouth thus promoting gum disease and infections of the head, neck, chest, lung, liver, and abdomen. So keep up the good work against those nasty toxins hanging out between your teeth, and keep on brushing!  And maybe you'll want to add a couple extra minutes to your routine...


What more can you do?

Flossing is a huge part of oral health.  Try to get in the habit of flossing, and if you fall off the wagon it’s OK - just get right back on.   Flossing at least during the week is a huge improvement.  Set a goal for yourself that is reasonable and attainable.  

Also, mouthwash can provide a quick way to flush out any leftover bacteria after brushing by using a natural, anti-bacterial mouthwash.  Typically, when a patient who is undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation their health care provider recommends using Biotène(“#1 Dentist Recommended brand) as a mouth rinse.  Biotène happens to contain Propylene Glycol, an ingredient also found in anti-freeze.

At Cornucopia, we will help you to eliminate toxins you come into contact with in everyday products and guide you to products that are organic, non-toxic and health-promoting.  Our favorite mouth rinse is Nature’s Brands Organic Mouthwash Concentrate with essential oils.  you can find this product in "The Nourish Package".  This mouthwash was designed to include essential oils that are excellent for oral health such as peppermint, fennel, thyme, cinnamon and clove.   Fennel, thyme and clove are anti-bacterial while peppermint freshens the breath.  Clove works as a natural analgesic, giving relief to canker sores.  Cinnamon is also a breath freshener which contains lots of anti-oxidants.  Of course, all essential oils here are organic, hexane free, cold pressed, non-refined and non-deodorized.  

Why use essential oils? Essential oil mouth rinses have been proven to lower gingivitis and plaque more than the conventional mouthwash, when added to a  brushing and flossing regimen (see links to research below).  This particular product also does not include alcohol, which can be irritating to sensitive, dry mouths.

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Patients undergoing chemo treatment often suffer from dry mouth.
Other recommendations to relieve dry mouth include:

chewing sugar-free gum or sucking on sugar-free hard candies to stimulate salivary flow;

⁃sucking on ice chips;

⁃sipping water with meals to aid in chewing and swallowing food;

⁃using alcohol-free mouth rinse;

⁃avoiding carbonated drinks (like soda), caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol;

⁃using a lanolin-based lip balm to soothe cracked or dry lips.










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