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#1: Sleeping

That’s right.  You are kicking cancer’s butt while you sleep. 

Cancer doesn’t seem like such a big bad monster now, does it? 

When we sleep, we are resting, recharging and allowing the body to heal.  The brain detoxes, eliminates waste products and firms up important connections that improve your memory, learning, and decision making processes.  Sleep also affects our emotions.   And, no, it has nothing to do with what side of the bed you woke up on!  Studies have linked sleep deficiency to such emotional disturbances as depression, suicide, and risk-taking behavior.  After a good night’s rest your body feels it, and you are in the right state of mind, positive and strong!

When your brain has gotten enough rest, it allows you to make better decisions during the day.  That means less food cravings and poor decision making surrounding food.  A recent study found those who don’t get enough sleep tend to be more over weight and eat more calories throughout the day.  A separate study found that obesity increases cancer risk.  So sleep tight, sleep well and eat well! 

Sleep also allows the immune system to recuperate.  While you are sleeping, the immune system is hard at work producing cytokines.  Cytokines are proteins that are needed to fight off infections or inflammation.  These proteins are super beneficial to your body during periods of stress.

Stress = inflammation = dis-ease. 

Get to bed a little early tonight to give your immune system some extra time to produce those coveted cytokines! 

So, by getting your full 8 hours you are not only boosting your immune system, but you are also ensuring your mind’s ability to think positively and rationally. Both are essential to preventing dis-ease.  Take the time each morning to enjoy the first moment you’re awake and be grateful for all the cancer-fighting benefits you have just enjoyed - your body and mind are ready for the day! 

But WAIT - you don’t sleep WELL?  NO worries.  We’ve got you covered.  Good quality sleep is much better than just spending more time in bed.  Unless you’re doing this one other thing…which is also stress relieving…


Tips for better quality sleep:


    • Make the bedroom a sacred place.
    • Use the bed for two things ONLY.  hint: the first thing is sleep.  We’ll let you guess the second.
    • No technology 30 minutes before sleep.  If you absolutely have to check your phone before bed, then make sure your Night Shift setting is turned ON.  I have mine set to follow the sunrise and sunset.  This decreases the amount of wake-cycle inducing blue light I come into contact when the sun is down. 
    • Try valerian root tea in the evening.  Valerian root is a natural sleep-aid.
    • Block any and all light coming into the bedroom.  If this is not possible, try sleeping with an eye mask.  What a difference this makes!!
    • Set your room temperature to 65 degrees.  Ideal range is 60-68 degrees.  A cooler bedroom will mimic your body’s natural inclination to decrease temperature during sleep, and it will help to keep you asleep.
    • If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night hungry, make sure to have a small snack before bed - I recommend a handful of nuts which are slower burning calories, keeping you fuller longer, without giving you a blood sugar crash in the middle of the night.
    • Invest in better sleep hygiene.  Buy a brand new pillow to ensure less mold and mildew.  Try a silk pillowcase! luxury!  Get new sheets.  Make your bed every morning.  These little things can make you feel a lot more comfortable and contribute to a much better nights sleep.


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