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Essential Oil Blend of the Month Club

*Subscription product only* Receive a seasonal blend of organic essential oils mixed with organic jojoba oil so you can apply directly to the skin.  Each blend is designed with the seasons in mind to support immune, emotional, and hormonal health as part of a healthy lifestyle.  These essential oil blends are perfect for applying to the skin, wherever you typically apply perfume.  Think lymph nodes.  These pressure points are ideal for your body to absorb their phytonutrients.  You can also put one or two drops of oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, place over your nose and take a deep breath in.  Aromatherapy is so helpful to our emotions and mood.   The oils pass through the olefactory nerve to the limbic system which supports a variety of functions like smell, emotions, behavior, and memory.

Anecdote: My GYN shared a story of her father during his passing and he was so comforted by the oils, it made his transition much easier on all who were in the room. 

Organic Essential Oil Blends (10ml/.33 fl oz.) Cancel at anytime.  



This blend of melaleuca, lemongrass, peppermint, and fir needle organic essential oils will keep you cool during those dog days of summer.  

Apply to the back of your neck and immediately feel the cooling, refreshing, energizing, sensation! Take a deep breath and smell the minty, sweet, herbaceous scent that will leave you with a crystal clear outlook.

This blend will also work well as a big repellant, as it contains tea tree oil which is a natural anti bacterial. Did you know that mosquitos are attracted to certain bacterias on your skin?! Take this blend with you camping or simply while you're on vacation, the tea tree will also act as a natural hand sanitizer.

The peppermint in this blend will not only cool you down but it will help to eliminate headaches. Just rub the oil on the back of your head and neck. Take a deep breath in and relax! 

10ml/.33 fl oz. Euro dropper bottle.